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How do you make your wedding reception stand out?

From picking the right venue to having an exceptional DJ deliver a fantastic set, everything should be perfect.

But it's the sentiments and stories of family and friends that truly create the most memorable moments.
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Bringing More Special Moments to the Mix

With VoiceGems, your DJ or MC can blend short, special messages into dinner, cocktail hour, and music sets, creating unforgettable shared moments for you and your guests.
  • Any guest you choose can pre-record a short message online - even family and friends who can't attend!
  • Guests can pair messages with song requests for a beautiful mix of music with meaning.
  • Record your own VoiceGems for the father-daughter dance and other special moments.
  • All messages are permanently stored on your personal VoiceGems Page - a keepsake of voices and sentiments to be treasured forever.
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3 Easy Steps

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  • Request VoiceGems (unlimited recordings) just by sharing a link
    Tip: Ask a family member to request recordings so your VoiceGems stay a surprise!
  • One-click access for your DJ to download recordings
  • Recordings automatically noise-cancelled for high quality mixing
  • Secure cloud-based storage so you keep them on your personal VoiceGems Page forever
  • Rapid email customer support
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